Today I woke up on the Island of Mykonos in the Cyclades Archipelago in the Aegean Sea after having put on my hiking boots, boarding a train, an airplane, then a ship and going. Simply to go and go, concentrating on the steps of going with a will of being a human, who always needs to renew him/herself, eager to walk, even if it would be once again, over the granite stones of Mykonos and to feel them all different. I saw myself seated cross-legged with others around the fire singing folk music from my African land, accepted by this group of refugees living there, already resigned to life in this place, perhaps having a child asleep on my lap – no matter if it is a boy or a girl – warmed by the fire that burns in the centre of a ring of the stones, trying to forget the waves that were left behind, warming up their bodies and souls that are still so cold from the shock and the rollers that drenched them and, solemnly, invoking the piety of the Greek gods. Oh Zeus, king of all the gods, what are you waiting for? Send the news about us from here to the entire world. And you, Athena, give us the wisdom to be just, protect the Arts but take war and bury it, where it cannot be found any more, or better still incinerate it in case human curiosity could disinter it. Hades, take care of the innocents that suffered death, take them to the stars and those with ill will to the underworld, whose shadows still crackle among the embers, which are already burnt, and those yet to be burnt. My Good Hera, protect the women and children, all of them filling up the Aegean Sea with tears of injustices that entangle them and Powerful Poseidon make a calm pathway in this sea that they have crossed, as they need the quietness of these waters of humiliating war, and give them a safe arrival to the firm shores of any continent, so that you, Oh Demeter can enter and protect our harvest of good will, which is all that we can offer. Persephone, do not say good bye now, do not go when Spring is over, because your flowers and fruits are still here, dozing while it is night, waiting while it is day, human souls, people protected by you. And Chronos, advance time more quickly, because for them it seemed like the minutes they suffered appeared like centuries. To you, God of the Christians, that brought Jesus among us, instill in each one of us that believe in him, empower us with the strength of simple things and the courage of the strong, as without them we will have the cowardice of the oppressors, that subjugate those who are different, fragile and innocent. Listen to us Gods of all the Worlds from A to Z, because each one strongly believes that you are the only one, so that from now onwards the doors of the heart never will be closed anymore to the voices of each other.

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